Summer Choral workshop 2018 - Prague

For choral singers who wish to take part in a quality performance of a favourite or new choral work in a iconic places (Prague-Dresden-Vienna) while having time to absorb and appreciate and holiday in this beautiful region of central Europe.
We present the annual Summer workshop in Prague.
Workshop is limited to 100 singers.
The workshop music is sent out a month in advance and participants are encouraged to learn the notes beforehand so finer details can be explored.

Choral Programme 2018:
Antonín Dvořák - Mass in D major
Mozart - Ave Verum Corpus
J. Haydn - Creation
P. Tchaikovksy - Cherubic Hymn no. 1
S. Rachmaninoff - O Theotokos Ever- Vigilant in Prayer
J. Haydn - Creation

The workshop will be held in the building of Hlahol for Choral Singing in Prague,
The rooms of the Hlahol building often host many cultural and social events, especially the Cycle of Wednesday Concerts, offering a venue mainly to young aspiring artists as well as to successful musical ensembles well-established on the Prague music scene.

The Final concert with the Choir and Symphonic orchestra will be held in the Charch U Salvátora in Prague

Each year the choral workshop will showcase a masterwork carefully selected to exemplify what makes a piece endure through time and become one of the famed classics we have come to love and respect. Participants will develop insight through a deeper look into the composition of these masterpieces and the historical context in which they were composed.


  • Country:Czech Republic
  • City:Prague
  • Phone:+ 420 60 891 79 03